Oxfords Casual Dining at 2 Millbury Boulevard, Oxford, MA 01540

information page about Establishment and food Oxfords Casual Dining at 2 Millbury Boulevard, Oxford, MA 01540

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Establishment   Food  

Phone number:
+1 508-987-1567

2 Millbury Boulevard, Oxford, MA 01540
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Opening hours

Tuesday 04:00pm — 08:00pm
Wednesday 04:00pm — 08:00pm
Thursday 04:00pm — 09:00pm
Friday 04:00pm — 09:00pm
Saturday 04:00pm — 09:00pm
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  • Henry Neeser
    Jun, 10 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    We have been going to The Oxfords on a regular basis, Shelly and Shelly were our servers, we generally sit at the bar wherever we go, so we can meet the locals and chat with the staff. The ambiance is just right, sometime its quiet, but picks up as it gets busy. The menu is very well balanced. They start you off with, a bread basket featuring in house made bread, with oil, seasonings, crushed red pepper and grated cheese, all self severed to your liking. They have a full bar, and several brews, even some local brews. Shelly and Shelly know what we like, and a draft Ale is usually sitting in front of me within a minute, along with menus. I look at the Chef's specials first, and go from there. I have never been disappointed. One particular meal I had, Ahi Tuna seared perfectly on both sides, had a sesame oil flavor with a warm and raw center (perfect sushi) and Rice noodles with a very specially made spice, seasoned with just a perfect hint of hot, with Sea Weed salad. My dinner companion had a Basil Butter Broiled Sea Scallop dinner, that was cooked to perfction. We have had several offerings, including the Steak Tips, perfectly seasoned, and Crispy Cod and Fire which is battered fried cod served over spiced rice noodles, that had just enough bite to make for a memorable dining experience. Bread Pudding desert is served with hot caramel drizzle and whipped cream, to finish off a perfect meal. Their International Coffees are also a dessert within themselves! We try to get there early because of the popularity of the place, it gets crowded and for good reason; the food is worth waiting for!! Occasionally they have entertainment, you can check on line or call ahead. All and all, a perfect night out and a five star dinning experience.
  • Johnny Miller
    May, 07 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    If you can say anything at all bad it's the wait at prime time. I guess that's a testimony as to how good the food is here. I have been going since they opened and can't remember ever having a bad meal here. There have been many changes over the years to the menu and they still have a few of the originals that made this place. If your in the area you have to give it a try. People are great food is fantastic.
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